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Odor Descriptors for tea black tea
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Primary (First) - tea black tea
FL/FRblack camellia sinensis leaf CO2 extract
 odor: black tea
 flavor: black tea
FL/FRblack camellia sinensis leaf extract
 odor: black tea
 flavor: black tea
FRblack tea fragrance
FL/FRblack tea leaf absolute
 odor: leather arnica hay herbal smoky castoreum
 flavor: black tea
Secondary (Second) - tea black tea
Tertiary (Third) - tea black tea
FL/FR benzyl formate
 odor: floral fruity spicy almond cranberry black tea
 flavor: Fresh cherry, with a berry strawberry fruity nuance
FL4-methyl-2-pentenoic acid
 odor: fatty fruity black tea
Quaternary (Fourth) - tea black tea
 odor: spicey, black pepper-like, herbaceous, lime and black tea aroma
 flavor: spicey, black pepper- like, herbaceous, lime and black tea-like flavor
Quinary (Fifth) - tea black tea
Senary (Sixth) - tea black tea
Septenary (Seventh) - tea black tea
Octonary (Eighth) - tea black tea
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