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Odor Descriptors for fresh outdoors
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Primary (First) - fresh outdoors
FL/FR dihydrojasmone
 odor: fresh outdoor jasmin myrrh woody spice herbal
 flavor: Sweet, floral, green, herbal with a citrus nuance
FR marine hexane
 odor: fresh outdoors green bell pepper ozone marine
FR marine pyridine
 odor: fresh air watery buttery clean wet costus metallic
FR outdoors specialty
 odor: outdoors
Secondary (Second) - fresh outdoors
Tertiary (Third) - fresh outdoors
FR melon carboxaldehyde
 odor: green melon fresh air aldehydic
Quaternary (Fourth) - fresh outdoors
FR woody heptene
 odor: fresh woody ozone clean outdoor
Quinary (Fifth) - fresh outdoors
 odor: aldehydic orange ozonic fruity clean outdoors
Senary (Sixth) - fresh outdoors
Septenary (Seventh) - fresh outdoors
Octonary (Eighth) - fresh outdoors
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