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Odor Descriptors for boronia
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Primary (First) - boronia
FL/FR boronia absolute
 odor: cassie violet warm sweet woody fresh fruity green
 flavor: Fruity, citrus, tutti-frutti, pulpy and honey
FL/FR boronia absolute replacer
 odor: floral cassie violet woody fruity green
FR boronia butenal
 odor: dry sweet tobacco nutty violet boronia dry leaves hay wood acorns
FL/FR boronia concrete
 odor: floral green cassis hay fruity freesia woody
FR boronia fragrance
FR boronia specialty
 odor: floral fruity tea cassie violet green
Secondary (Second) - boronia
Tertiary (Third) - boronia
FR chloranthus spicatus absolute
 odor: woody floral boronia sweet balsam
FR cyperus root oil (cyperus rotundus)
 odor: woody cassie boronia violet tea mossy balsamic
FR lawsonia inermis flower absolute
 odor: sweet floral tea boronia
FR lawsonia inermis flower oil
 odor: sweet floral tea boronia
Quaternary (Fourth) - boronia
Quinary (Fifth) - boronia
FR lily flower absolute
 odor: floral waxy oily balsam sweet narcissus boronia
Senary (Sixth) - boronia
Septenary (Seventh) - boronia
FL/FR mimosa absolute france
 odor: floral green grassy waxy woody spicy
 flavor: Waxy, woody, floral and fruity with a spicy nuance
Octonary (Eighth) - boronia
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