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Odor Descriptors for bean green bean
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Primary (First) - bean green bean
FL/FR2-sec-butyl thiazole
 odor: raw green herbal
FR gardenia oxide
 odor: green bean gardenia jasmin fruity weedy green pea
Secondary (Second) - bean green bean
Tertiary (Third) - bean green bean
Quaternary (Fourth) - bean green bean
FLalpha-benzylidene methional
 odor: vegetative sauerkraut, kimchi, cabbage, soy beans, green onion nuances
 flavor: Vegetative sauerkraut, kimchi, cabbage, soy beans, green onion nuances
 odor: green cortex leafy green bean nasturtium herbal soapy aldehydic narcissus phenolic
 flavor: green nasturtium vegetable herbal tomato leaf potato fusel weedy
Quinary (Fifth) - bean green bean
FR bean hexene
 odor: fresh green dusty weedy cortex green bean tomato leaf
FR reseda acetal
 odor: hyacinth narcissus reseda sweet pea green bean balsamic
Senary (Sixth) - bean green bean
Septenary (Seventh) - bean green bean
Octonary (Eighth) - bean green bean
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