Typical G.C. analysis

cedarwood oil texas
70.70alpha- acoradiene
80.60beta- acoradiene
190.70alpha- alaskene
140.20beta- alaskene
250.40alpha- bisabolol
10.20  camphor
260.908- cedren-13-ol
230.70alpha- cedrene
35.50beta- cedrene
2019.10  cedrol
171.20alpha- chamigrene
91.10beta- chamigrene
230.20  cubenol
181.70  cuparene
120.10ar- curcumene
110.10gamma- curcumene
50.50alpha- himachalene
161.40beta- himachalene
100.10gamma- himachalene
151.50alpha- selinene
60.10  thujopsadiene
425.00  thujopsene
130.10  valencene
211.60  widdrol

R. P. Adams, Cedarwood oil- analyses and properties. In Modern methods of plant analysis new series. Vol. 12. Essential Oils and Waxes. Edits., H. F. Linskens and J. F. Jackson, pp. 159-173, Springer Verlag. New York (1991).

P&F 23, No. 5, 55, (1998)

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