empetrum nigrum flower/fruit/leaf extract
extract of the flowers, fruits and leaves of empetrum nigrum l., empetraceae
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Category: abrasives
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Physical Properties:
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
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Organoleptic Properties:
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Cosmetic Information:
CosIng: cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: abrasives
antimicrobial agents
hair conditioning
skin conditioning
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 None found
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Safety Information:
Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
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GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
Not determined
Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
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Safety in Use Information:
Category: abrasives
Recommendation for empetrum nigrum flower/fruit/leaf extract usage levels up to:
 not for fragrance use.
Recommendation for empetrum nigrum flower/fruit/leaf extract flavor usage levels up to:
 not for flavor use.
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Safety References:
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Other Information:
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Potential Blenders and core components note
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Potential Uses:
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Occurrence (nature, food, other): note
 crowberry flower
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 crakeberry flower/fruit/leaf extract
black crowberry flower/fruit/leaf extract
 curlew-berry flower/fruit/leaf extract
 extract of the flowers, fruits and leaves of empetrum nigrum l., empetraceae
 monox flower/fruit/leaf extract
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PubMed: Mosquito larvae (Diptera: Culicidae) in snow-melt pools in a Swedish Lapland area.
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PubMed: Warming effects on growth, production, and vegetation structure of alpine shrubs: a five-year experiment in northern Japan.
PubMed: Litter of the hemiparasite Bartsia alpina enhances plant growth: evidence for a functional role in nutrient cycling.
PubMed: Effect of industrial pollution on the distribution of 137Cs in soil and the soil-to-plant transfer in a pine forest in SW Finland.
PubMed: Ultrastructural element localization by EDXS in Empetrum nigrum.
PubMed: Influence of extreme pollution on the inorganic chemical composition of some plants.
PubMed: Comparison of the element composition in several plant species and their substrate from a 1500000-km2 area in Northern Europe.
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PubMed: Airborne heavy metal pollution and its effects on foliar elemental composition of Empetrum hermaphroditum and Vaccinium myrtillus in Sør-Varanger, northern Norway.
PubMed: Element distribution in Empetrum nigrum microsites at heavy metal contaminated sites in Harjavalta, western Finland.
PubMed: Chemical composition and ecophysiological responses of Empetrum nigrum to aboveground element application.
PubMed: Ecophysiological responses of Empetrum nigrum to heavy metal pollution.
PubMed: Soil to plant uptake of fallout 137Cs by plants from boreal areas polluted by industrial emissions from smelters.
PubMed: Lethal toxins in non-preferred foods: how plant chemical defences can drive microtine cycles
PubMed: Antibacterial and antifungal compounds from Empetrum nigrum.
PubMed: Antifungal screening of medicinal plants of British Columbian native peoples.
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