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Odor Descriptors for linden flower
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Primary (First) - linden flower
FL/FR lime blossom specialty
 odor: limeblossom
FR linden blossom fragrance
FR linden blossom specialty
 odor: floral linden blossom
FD linden flower (tilia glabra)
 odor: linden flower
 flavor: linden flower
FR linden flower absolute
 odor: fresh floral honey green herbal powdery coumarinic tea
FR linden flower absolute replacer
 odor: floral honey green herbal powdery coumarinic tea
FR linden flower oil
 odor: linden flower
FR tilia cordata flower distillates
 odor: linden flower
FL/FR tilia cordata flower extract
 odor: sweet hay tea fruity
 flavor: linden flower
FR tilia cordata flower oil CO2 extract
 odor: floral honey fruity green coumarinic herbal
FR tilia cordata flower water
 odor: linden flower
FR tilia europaea flower absolute
 odor: linden flower
Secondary (Second) - linden flower
Tertiary (Third) - linden flower
Quaternary (Fourth) - linden flower
FR floral butanal
 odor: floral green muguet linden flower lily of the valley fresh
FL/FR phenyl acetaldehyde diethyl acetal
 odor: fresh green bluebell almond sweet limeblossom
Quinary (Fifth) - linden flower
Senary (Sixth) - linden flower
 odor: floral green muguet lily magnolia linden flower grape fruity
 flavor: floral fruity muguet tropical green berry melon rind
Septenary (Seventh) - linden flower
Octonary (Eighth) - linden flower
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