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Odor Descriptors for acorn
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Primary (First) - acorn
FR acorn acetate
 odor: natural acorn dry oak leaves hay woody immortelle herbal
FL/FR1,2-cyclohexane dione
 odor: sweet acorn nut skin maple caramel brothy
 flavor: nutty nut skin acorn maple caramellic walnut pecan woody
FL/FR(E,E/E,Z)-tobacco cyclohexenone
 odor: sweet acorn nut skin tobacco spicy
 flavor: sweet nutty nut skin herbal burnt tobacco spicy fenugreek woody
Secondary (Second) - acorn
FR acorn fragrance
 odor: hay acorn autumn
Tertiary (Third) - acorn
Quaternary (Fourth) - acorn
Quinary (Fifth) - acorn
FR geranyl crotonate
 odor: sweet caramel maple fruity almond acorns nutty
FR saffron pyranone
 odor: bitter walnut nutty nut skin acorn saffron citrus herbal hot
 flavor: woody old wood nutty
Senary (Sixth) - acorn
Septenary (Seventh) - acorn
Octonary (Eighth) - acorn
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