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2,5-cyclohexadiene-1,4-dione, 2-(3-hydroxy-3,7,11,15-tetramethylhexadecyl)-3,5,6-trimethyl-, [3R-(3R*, 7R*, 11R*)]-


CAS Number: 7559-04-8Picture of molecule3D/inchi
ECHA EINECS - REACH Pre-Reg:231-450-8
Nikkaji Web:J65.454J
XlogP3:8.80 (est)
Molecular Weight:446.71510000
Formula:C29 H50 O3
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Category:antioxidants, skin conditioning
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Physical Properties:
Assay: 95.00 to 100.00
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
Soluble in:
 water, 1.545e-005 mg/L @ 25 °C (est)
Organoleptic Properties:
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Cosmetic Information:
CosIng:cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: antioxidants
skin conditioning
BOC Sciences
For experimental / research use only.
alpha-Tocopherolquinone > 95%
Odor: characteristic
Use: alpha-Tocopherolquinone isolated from the herbs of Isodon adenantha. It has antioxidant effect, which can inhibit lipid peroxidation and reduce cell division in both the glioma cell clone and fetal brain cells. antihypertensive; platelet aggregation inhibitor; phytotoxic;
For experimental / research use only.
Santa Cruz Biotechnology
For experimental / research use only.
Tocopherylquinone, d-alpha 95%
Sigma-Aldrich: Aldrich
For experimental / research use only.
For experimental / research use only.
D-a-Tocoquinone >97.0%(HPLC)
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Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
Not determined
Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
Safety in Use Information:
Category: antioxidants, skin conditioning
Recommendation for tocoquinone usage levels up to:
 not for fragrance use.
Recommendation for tocoquinone flavor usage levels up to:
 not for flavor use.
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Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary :2734086
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WGK Germany:3
RTECS:DK5170000 for cas# 7559-04-8
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Pubchem (cid):2734086
Pubchem (sid):134986682
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HMDB (The Human Metabolome Database):HMDB34408
Export Tariff Code:2936.28.0000
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2,5-cyclohexadiene-1,4-dione, 2-(3-hydroxy-3,7,11,15-tetramethylhexadecyl)-3,5,6-trimethyl-, [3R-(3R*, 7R*, 11R*)]-
alpha-tocopherol quinone


PubMed:Antioxidants Abrogate Alpha-Tocopherylquinone-Mediated Down-Regulation of the Androgen Receptor in Androgen-Responsive Prostate Cancer Cells.
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PubMed:Effect of α-tocopherol on the hemin-catalyzed decomposition of 1-palmitoyl-2-linoleoyl-3-sn-phosphatidylcholine 13-hydroperoxide in micelles and liposomes.
PubMed:Oxidative stress is involved in fatigue induced by overnight deskwork as assessed by increase in plasma tocopherylhydroqinone and hydroxycholesterol.
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PubMed:Tocopherols and tocotrienols plasma levels are associated with cognitive impairment.
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PubMed:Use of an adaptive study design in single ascending-dose pharmacokinetics of A0001 (α-tocopherylquinone) in healthy male subjects.
PubMed:Antiseptic activity and phenolic constituents of the aerial parts of Vitex negundo var. cannabifolia.
PubMed:α-Tocopherol quinone inhibits β-amyloid aggregation and cytotoxicity, disaggregates preformed fibrils and decreases the production of reactive oxygen species, NO and inflammatory cytokines.
PubMed:Unusual antimalarial meroditerpenes from tropical red macroalgae.
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PubMed:Tocopherylquinone d-alpha an oxidized form of vitamin E increases mitochondrial uncoupling protein 2 expression in human umbilical vein endothelial cells in vitro.
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PubMed:Endogenous adenosine selectively modulates oxidant stress via the A1 receptor in ischemic hearts.
PubMed:Reperfusion does not induce oxidative stress but sustained endoplasmic reticulum stress in livers of rats subjected to traumatic-hemorrhagic shock.
PubMed:[Role of alpha-tocopherol in oxidative stress of rat thymocytes induced by hydrogen peroxide and menadione].
PubMed:Gamma-tocopheryl quinone, not alpha-tocopheryl quinone, induces adaptive response through up-regulation of cellular glutathione and cysteine availability via activation of ATF4.
PubMed:On-line liquid chromatography and circular dichroism detection of stereo-isomers of alpha-tocopherol derivatives generated by an electrochemical reaction.
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PubMed:Generation of superoxide and singlet oxygen from alpha-tocopherolquinone and analogues.
PubMed:Vitamin E metabolism.
PubMed:Oxidant stress and damage in post-ischemic mouse hearts: effects of adenosine.
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PubMed:Ebselen: a thioredoxin reductase-dependent catalyst for alpha-tocopherol quinone reduction.
PubMed:Tocopherol metabolism using thermochemolysis: chemical and biological properties of gamma-tocopherol, gamma-carboxyethyl-hydroxychroman, and their quinones.
PubMed:Enhanced ferredoxin-dependent cyclic electron flow around photosystem I and alpha-tocopherol quinone accumulation in water-stressed ndhB-inactivated tobacco mutants.
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PubMed:Oxidized vitamin E and ubiquinone: competition for binding sites of the mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex?
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PubMed:Supernatant protein factor in complex with RRR-alpha-tocopherylquinone: a link between oxidized Vitamin E and cholesterol biosynthesis.
PubMed:gamma-Tocopheryl quinone induces apoptosis in cancer cells via caspase-9 activation and cytochrome c release.
PubMed:Mössbauer studies of the non-heme iron and cytochrome b559 in a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii PSI- mutant and their interactions with alpha-tocopherol quinone.
PubMed:Mutagenicity of tocopheryl quinones: evolutionary advantage of selective accumulation of dietary alpha-tocopherol.
PubMed:Determination of tocopherols, tocopherolquinones and tocopherolhydroquinones by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and preseparation with lipophilic gel chromatography.
PubMed:Abnormal incorporation and utilization of alpha-tocopherol in erythrocyte membranes of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.
PubMed:[Effect of tocopherol and tocopherol quinone complexes with proteins on activity of leukotriene B4 lipoxygenase].
PubMed:Bioactive oxidized lipids in the plasma of cardiac surgical intensive care patients.
PubMed:Analysis of vitamin E and its oxidation products by HPLC with electrochemical detection.
PubMed:Iron-catalyzed reaction products of alpha-tocopherol with 1-palmitoyl-2-linoleoyl-3-sn-phosphatidylcholine (13S)-hydroperoxide.
PubMed:Gamma-tocopheryl quinone stimulates apoptosis in drug-sensitive and multidrug-resistant cancer cells.
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PubMed:Alpha-tocopherol in rat brain subcellular fractions is oxidized rapidly during incubations with low concentrations of peroxynitrite.
PubMed:The reduction of alpha-tocopherolquinone by human NAD(P)H: quinone oxidoreductase: the role of alpha-tocopherolhydroquinone as a cellular antioxidant.
PubMed:Alpha-tocopheryl hydroquinone is an efficient multifunctional inhibitor of radical-initiated oxidation of low density lipoprotein lipids.
PubMed:alpha-Tocopheryl quinone is converted into vitamin E in man.
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PubMed:Novel urinary metabolite of alpha-tocopherol, 2,5,7,8-tetramethyl-2(2'-carboxyethyl)-6-hydroxychroman, as an indicator of an adequate vitamin E supply?
PubMed:Human atherosclerotic plaque contains both oxidized lipids and relatively large amounts of alpha-tocopherol and ascorbate.
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PubMed:Use of alpha-tocopherylquinone in ulcerative colitis.
PubMed:Use of alpha-tocopherylquinone in the treatment of ulcerative colitis.
PubMed:Ulcerative colitis: the result of an altered bacterial metabolism of bile acids or cholesterol.
PubMed:Deficiency of vitamin E in the alveolar fluid of cigarette smokers. Influence on alveolar macrophage cytotoxicity.
PubMed:Effects of Low-Temperature Acclimation and Oxygen Stress on Tocopheron Production in Euglena gracilis Z.
PubMed:Erythrocyte vitamin E is oxidized at a lower peroxide concentration in neonates than in adults.
PubMed:[Effect of alpha-tocopherol on the concentration of alpha-tocopherylquinone in human blood lipids].
PubMed:Role of prostanoids and lipid peroxides as mediators of the 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate effect on cell growth.
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PubMed:Studies on electron transfer systems in the marine diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum. II. Identification and determination of quinones, cytochromes, and flavins.
PubMed:Interfacial oxidation of alpha-tocopherol and the surface properties of its oxidation products.
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PubMed:Relationship Between alpha-Tocopherol and alpha-Tocopherylquinone in Mineral-deficient Maize Plants.
PubMed:Alpha-tocopherol in the retinal outer segment of bovine eyes.
PubMed:Electrochemical studies of the redox behavior of alpha-tocopherylquinone and a related model quinone.
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PubMed:[Effects of alpha-tocopherylquinone on the intestinal absorption of isotonic glucose solution and on oxygen consumption in the rat; a function of the percentage of oxygen in the environment].
PubMed:[Treatment of essential hypertension with tocopherylquinone].
PubMed:[Plastoglobuli in different types of plastids from Allium cepa L].
PubMed:Reductive cyclization of alpha-tocopherylquinone.
PubMed:[Formation of tocopheronlactone from apha-tocopherylquinone in the human organism].
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PubMed:[Use of tocopherylquinone in the ambulatory therapy of arterial hypertension].
PubMed:[Comparative study of the various metabolic effects exerted by tocopherol and alpha-tocopheryl-quinone].
PubMed:[Action of I'alpha-tocopherylquinone on the genital glands].
PubMed:[Action of tocopheryl-quinone on arterial hypertension].
PubMed:[On an acute dermatomyositis treated with intravenous hydrocortisone and alpha-tocopheryl-quinone in alcoholic solution].
PubMed:[Action of 1'alpha-tocopherol and 1'alpha-tocopheryl quinone on adrenal glands in the rat].
PubMed:Ubiquinone and tocopherylquinone.
Isol. from spinach (Spinacia oleracea) chloroplasts and many other plant sources
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