1H-indole-3-propanoic acid, a-amino-, (S)-
an essential amino acid that is necessary for normal growth in infants and for nitrogen balance in adults. it is a precursor of indole alkaloids in plants. it is a precursor of serotonin (hence its use as an antidepressant and sleep aid). it can be a precursor to niacin, albeit inefficiently, in mammals. Constit. of many plants. Enzymatic hydrol. prod. of most plant and animal proteins. Dietary supplement, nutrient Tryptophan is one of the 20 standard amino acids, as well as an essential amino acid in the human diet. Only the L-stereoisomer of tryptophan is used in structural or enzyme proteins, but the D-stereoisomer is occasionally found in naturally produced peptides (for example, the marine venom peptide contryphan). (Wikipedia)
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(2S)-2-amino-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)propanoic acid (Click)
CAS Number: 73-22-3Picture of molecule
ECHA EINECS - REACH Pre-Reg: 200-795-6
Nikkaji Web: J9.181B
Beilstein Number: 0086197
MDL: MFCD00064340
XlogP3: -1.10 (est)
Molecular Weight: 204.22904000
Formula: C11 H12 N2 O2
BioActivity Summary: listing
NMR Predictor: Predict (works with chrome or firefox)
Category: special dietary and nutritional additives
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FDA Regulation:
Subpart D--Special Dietary and Nutritional Additives
Sec. 172.320 Amino acids.
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Physical Properties:
Appearance: pale yellow to yellow crystalline powder (est)
Assay: 95.00 to 100.00 % 
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
Melting Point: 284.00 to  287.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 447.00 to  450.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Flash Point: 435.00 °F. TCC ( 223.89 °C. )
logP (o/w): 0.704 (est)
Soluble in:
 water, 2848 mg/L @ 25 °C (est)
 water, 1.34E+04 mg/L @ 25 °C (exp)
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Organoleptic Properties:
Odor and/or flavor descriptions from others (if found).
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Cosmetic Information:
CosIng: cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: antistatic agents
hair conditioning
masking agents
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L-Tryptophan Feed Grade
Ajinomoto USA
Flavor: characteristic
L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which means it is not synthesized by the human body and must be acquired through the diet. The male adult’s requirement is 3.5 mg per kg of body weight. L-tryptophan is one of the least abundant essential amino acids; however, it is one of the most crucial, particularly in the production of niacin and serotonin. Sources of L-tryptophan include dairy products, beef, poultry, barley, brown rice, fish, soybeans and peanuts.
Ajinomoto USA
Flavor: characteristic
Tryptopure is tryptophan from Ajinomoto, the global leader in the production, sales and research of amino acids. Tryptopure is high purity, pharmaceutical grade tryptophan made only from vegetable materials. Until recently, Ajinomoto only sold Tryptopure for medical use through doctors, hospitals and other professional health care facilities. Tryptopure is widely used in intravenous solutions, infant formulas, and other specialty medical products; and many pharmaceutical companies use Tryptopure in the development and manufacture of their prescription medications. In addition, Tryptopure is manufactured under cGMP Conditions—and Ajinomoto is the only such manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade amino acids in the US. It all leads to Tryptopure being the most trusted tryptophan available today. In fact, Tryptopure is the only tryptophan to have an FDA-approved Drug Master File. That means it's pure enough to be used as an active pharmaceutical ingredient in pharmaceutical products.
Atlantic Chemicals
BBFY Industrial
L-Tryptophan Feed Grade
BOC Sciences
For experimental / research use only.
L-Tryptophan premix
Charkit Chemical
Charkit Chemical
For experimental / research use only.
George Uhe Company
Glentham Life Sciences
L-Tryptophan 99%
Penta International
L-TRYPTOPHAN, Kosher, Halal
For experimental / research use only.
L-Tryptophan reagent grade, ≥98% (TLC)
Zhong Ya Chemical
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Safety Information:
European information :
Most important hazard(s):
None - None found.
S 02 - Keep out of the reach of children.
S 24/25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
None found.
GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
intraperitoneal-mouse LD50  4800 mg/kg
Iyakuhin Kenkyu. Study of Medical Supplies. Vol. 11, Pg. 635, 1980.

oral-man TDLo  300 mg/kg
British Medical Journal. Vol. 2, Pg. 701, 1976.

oral-man TDLo  857 mg/kg/30D-
New England Journal of Medicine. Vol. 322, Pg. 874, 1990.

oral-mouse LDLo  15000 mg/kg
Iyakuhin Kenkyu. Study of Medical Supplies. Vol. 11, Pg. 635, 1980.

intraperitoneal-rat LD50  1634 mg/kg
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Vol. 58, Pg. 253, 1955.

oral-rat LD50  > 16000 mg/kg
Iyakuhin Kenkyu. Study of Medical Supplies. Vol. 11, Pg. 635, 1980.

unreported-rat LDLo  2553 mg/kg
Arzneimittel-Forschung. Drug Research. Vol. 23, Pg. 884, 1973.

Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
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Safety in Use Information:
Category: special dietary and nutritional additives
Recommendation for laevo-tryptophan usage levels up to:
 not for fragrance use.
Recommendation for laevo-tryptophan flavor usage levels up to:
 not for flavor use.
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Safety References:
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reference(s):
Scientific Report of EFSA on the risk assessment of salts of authorised acids, phenols or alcohols for use in food contact materials [1]
View page or View pdf
Scientific opinion on the safety and efficacy of L-tryptophan produced by Escherichia coli (FERM BP-11200) for all animal species based on a dossier submitted by Ajinomoto Eurolysine SAS
View page or View pdf
Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of L-tryptophan technically pure produced by fermentation with Escherichia coli for all animal species, based on a dossier submitted by HELM AG on behalf of Global Bio-Chem Technology
View page or View pdf
Scientific Opinion on Dietary Reference Values for niacin
View page or View pdf
Outcome of a public consultation on the Draft Scientific Opinion of the EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) on Dietary Reference Values for niacin
View page or View pdf
Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of L-tryptophan produced by Escherichia coli (FERM BP-11354) for all animal species, based on a dossier submitted by Ajinomoto Eurolysine S.A.S.
View page or View pdf
Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of L-tryptophan produced by Escherichia coli CGMCC 7.59 for all animal species based on a dossier submitted by HELM AG on behalf of Meihua Holdings Co. Ltd
View page or View pdf
Scientific Opinion on the safety and efficacy of L-tryptophan, technically pure, produced by Escherichia coli strains DSM 25084, KCCM 11132P or SARI12091203 for all animal species based on a dossier submitted by AMAC EEIG
View page or View pdf
Safety of L-tryptophan produced by fermentation using Escherichia coli CGMCC 3667, for all animal species based on a dossier submitted by GBT Europe GmbH
View page or View pdf
Safety of L-tryptophan produced by fermentation with Escherichia coli CGMCC 7.59 for all animal species based on a dossier submitted by Feedway Europe NV
View page or View pdf
Safety of l-tryptophan technically pure, produced by Escherichia coli CGMCC 3667, for all animal species based on a dossier submitted by GBT Europe GmbH
View page or View pdf
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EPA Substance Registry Services (TSCA): 73-22-3
EPA ACToR: Toxicology Data
EPA Substance Registry Services (SRS): Registry
Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary : 6305
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases: Data
WGK Germany: 1
 (2S)-2-amino-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)propanoic acid
Chemidplus: 0000073223
EPA/NOAA CAMEO: hazardous materials
RTECS: YN6130000 for cas# 73-22-3
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 (2S)-2-amino-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)propanoic acid
NIST Chemistry WebBook: Search Inchi
Canada Domestic Sub. List: 73-22-3
Pubchem (cid): 6305
Pubchem (sid): 134972793
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(IUPAC): Atomic Weights of the Elements 2009
(IUPAC): Atomic Weights of the Elements 2009 (pdf)
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KEGG (GenomeNet): C00078
HMDB (The Human Metabolome Database): HMDB00929
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YMDB (Yeast Metabolome Database): YMDB00126
Export Tariff Code: 2933.90.8300
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•grades: reagent; technical; food chemicals codex tryptophan •(l)-tryptophan with plant oils in soft gelatin capsules.
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Potential Blenders and core components note
None Found
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Potential Uses:
 antistatic agents 
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Occurrence (nature, food, other): note
 almond seed
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(S)-a-amino-1H-indole-3-propanoic acid
(S)-alpha-amino-1H-indole-3-propanoic acid
(S)-2-amino-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)-propionic acid
(2S)-2-amino-3-(1H-indol-3-yl)propanoic acid
(S)-2-amino-3-(3-indolyl)propionic acid
laevo-alpha-amino-3-indole propionic acid
L-a-amino-3-indolepropionic acid
L-alpha-amino-3-indolepropionic acid
(S)-alpha-aminoindole-3-propionic acid
L-a-aminoindole-3-propionic acid
1H-indole-3-alanine, (S)-
1H-indole-3-propanoic acid, a-amino-, (S)-
L-tryptophan produced by escherichia coli CGMCC 7.59
 tryptophan, L-
Synonyms   Articles   Notes   Search   Top
PubMed: Amino acids and peptides activate at least five members of the human bitter taste receptor family.
J-Stage: Role of Tryptophan Residues in a Class V Chitinase from Nicotiana tabacum
J-Stage: The Urinary Excretory Ratio of Nicotinamide Catabolites Was Associated with the Conversion Ratio of Tryptophan to Nicotinamide in Growing Rats Fed a Niacin-Free 20% Casein Diet
J-Stage: Post-Translational Isoprenylation of Tryptophan
J-Stage: Increased Conversion of Tryptophan to Nicotinamide in Rats by Dietary Valproate
PubMed: New bitter-masking compounds: hydroxylated benzoic acid amides of aromatic amines as structural analogues of homoeriodictyol.
PubMed: Biotechnological production of amino acids and derivatives: current status and prospects.
PubMed: New insight into oseophageal injury and protection in physiologically relevant animal models.
PubMed: ZnCl2-mediated practical protocol for the synthesis of Amadori ketoses.
PubMed: Mutational and crystallographic analysis of l-amino acid oxidase/monooxygenase from Pseudomonas sp. AIU 813: Interconversion between oxidase and monooxygenase activities.
PubMed: Simultaneous detection of stable isotope-labeled and unlabeled L-tryptophan and of its main metabolites, L-kynurenine, serotonin and quinolinic acid, by gas chromatography/negative ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry.
PubMed: A Case of Abrin Toxin Poisoning, Confirmed via Quantitation of L-Abrine (N-Methyl-L-Tryptophan) Biomarker.
PubMed: The effects of glycine, L-threonine, and L-cystine supplementation to a 9% casein diet on the conversions of L-tryptophan to nicotinamide and to serotonin in rats.
PubMed: Pantothenic acid deficiency may increase the urinary excretion of 2-oxo acids and nicotinamide catabolites in rats.
PubMed: Cane molasses as a source of precursors in the bioproduction of tryptophan by Bacillus subtilis.
PubMed: Analysis of indole compounds in methanolic extracts from the fruiting bodies of Cantharellus cibarius (the Chanterelle) and from the mycelium of this species cultured in vitro.
PubMed: Biochemical and physiological changes in Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum- graecum L.) leaves during storage under modified atmosphere packaging.
PubMed: Autistic-like behavioural and neurochemical changes in a mouse model of food allergy.
PubMed: Impact of addition of aromatic amino acids on non-volatile and volatile compounds in lychee wine fermented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae MERIT.ferm.
PubMed: Development of a minimal chemically defined medium for Ketogulonicigenium vulgare WSH001 based on its genome-scale metabolic model.
PubMed: Inhibition of Orobanche crenata seed germination and radicle growth by allelochemicals identified in cereals.
PubMed: Development of indole-3-acetic acid-producing Escherichia coli by functional expression of IpdC, AspC, and Iad1.
PubMed: Male-to-female transfer of 5-hydroxytryptophan glucoside during mating in Zygaena filipendulae (Lepidoptera).
PubMed: Olfactory transduction pathways in the Senegalese sole Solea senegalensis.
PubMed: Identification of bitter compounds in whole wheat bread.
PubMed: The niacin required for optimum growth can be synthesized from L-tryptophan in growing mice lacking tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase.
PubMed: Multi-walled carbon nanotube modified carbon paste electrode as a sensor for the amperometric detection of L-tryptophan in biological samples.
PubMed: Supplementing healthy women with up to 5.0 g/d of L-tryptophan has no adverse effects.
PubMed: Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria strain Bacillus amyloliquefaciens NJN-6-enriched bio-organic fertilizer suppressed Fusarium wilt and promoted the growth of banana plants.
PubMed: Long-lasting effect of perinatal exposure to L-tryptophan on circadian clock of primary cell lines established from male offspring born from mothers fed on dietary protein restriction.
PubMed: Amino acids and peptides activate at least five members of the human bitter taste receptor family.
PubMed: Establishment of true niacin deficiency in quinolinic acid phosphoribosyltransferase knockout mice.
PubMed: The metabolites in the tryptophan degradation pathway might be useful to determine the tolerable upper intake level of tryptophan intake in rats.
PubMed: Effects of "Bioactive" amino acids leucine, glutamate, arginine and tryptophan on feed intake and mRNA expression of relative neuropeptides in broiler chicks.
PubMed: Protective effect of melatonin on acute pancreatitis.
PubMed: Dietary supplement drug therapies for depression.
PubMed: Enzymatic synthesis oF L-tryptophan from D,L-2-amino-delta2-thiazoline-4-carboxylic acid and indole by Pseudomonas sp. TS1138 L-2-amino-delta2-thiazoline-4-carboxylic acid hydrolase, S-carbamyl-L-cysteine amidohydrolase, and Escherichia coli L-tryptophanase.
PubMed: [Effect of mufti-gene knockout of L-tryptophan transport system on L-tryptophan production in Escherichia coli].
PubMed: L-Tryptophan prevents Escherichia coli biofilm formation and triggers biofilm degradation.
PubMed: One-step of tryptophan attenuator inactivation and promoter swapping to improve the production of L-tryptophan in Escherichia coli.
PubMed: Indole compounds in some culinary-medicinal higher basidiomycetes from Poland.
PubMed: 5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan Suppressed Food Intake in Rats Despite an Increase in the Arcuate NPY Expression.
PubMed: L-Tryptophan Production by Auxotrophic and Analogue Resistant Mutants of Aureobacterium flavescens.
PubMed: Regulation of blood pressure and glucose metabolism induced by L-tryptophan in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats.
PubMed: Post-epidemic eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome associated with L-tryptophan.
PubMed: Immunological mechanisms to establish embryo tolerance in early bovine pregnancy.
PubMed: Development of L-tryptophan production strains by defined genetic modification in Escherichia coli.
PubMed: Nutritional and medicinal aspects of D-amino acids.
PubMed: Brain-gut axis in the modulation of pancreatic enzyme secretion.
PubMed: Liquid chromatography on a monolithic column microfluidic chip coupled with "three-T" sample injection mode and amperometric detection.
PubMed: The effect of the combination of reducing and oxidising agents on the viscoelastic properties of dough and sensory characteristics of buns.
PubMed: Simultaneous C7- and N1-prenylation of cyclo-L-Trp-L-Trp catalyzed by a prenyltransferase from Aspergillus oryzae.
PubMed: Griffonia simplicifolia negatively affects sexual behavior in female rats.
PubMed: Effects of an acute alpha-lactalbumin manipulation on mood and food hedonics in high- and low-trait anxiety individuals.
PubMed: [Eosinophilia myalgia syndrome (EMS) caused by L-tryptophan product and toxic oil syndrome (TOS) caused by denatured rape-seed oil].
PubMed: Hormonal and metabolic effects of nutrition in athletes.
PubMed: Filmy channel microchip with amperometric detection.
PubMed: Pig meat quality from entire males.
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PubMed: An inhibitory role for brain serotonin-containing systems in the locomotor effects of d-amphetamine.
PubMed: Alteration of glucose tolerance by dietary L-tryptophan in rats.
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