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indole acetic acid

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Name:2-(1H-indol-3-yl)acetic acid
CAS Number: 87-51-4Picture of molecule3D/inchi
ECHA EINECS - REACH Pre-Reg:201-748-2
Nikkaji Web:J5.156J
Beilstein Number:0143358
XlogP3:1.40 (est)
Molecular Weight:175.18713000
Formula:C10 H9 N O2
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Category:cosmetic ingredient for skin conditioning
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Physical Properties:
Assay: 95.00 to 100.00
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
Melting Point: 165.00 to 169.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Boiling Point: 413.00 to 415.00 °C. @ 760.00 mm Hg
Vapor Pressure:0.000005 mmHg @ 25.00 °C. (est)
Flash Point: 400.00 °F. TCC ( 204.44 °C. )
logP (o/w): 1.410
Soluble in:
 water, 1500 mg/L @ 20 °C (exp)
Organoleptic Properties:
Odor and/or flavor descriptions from others (if found).
Cosmetic Information:
CosIng:cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: skin conditioning
Alfa Biotechnology
For experimental / research use only.
Indole-3-acetic acid 98%
BOC Sciences
For experimental / research use only.
3-Indoleacetic acid >98.0%(T)
BST Tianjin Co.
Indole-3-acetic acid
Glentham Life Sciences
3-Indoleacetic acid
Santa Cruz Biotechnology
For experimental / research use only.
3-Indoleacetic Acid ≥99%
Sigma-Aldrich: Aldrich
For experimental / research use only.
3-Indoleacetic acid 98%
For experimental / research use only.
3-Indoleacetic Acid >98.0%(T)
Safety Information:
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European information :
Most important hazard(s):
None - None found.
S 02 - Keep out of the reach of children.
S 22 - Do not breath dust.
S 24/25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
None found.
GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
oral-rat LD50 > 500 mg/kg
National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Chemical-Biological Coordination Center, Review.Vol.5,Pg.7,1953

intraperitoneal-mouse LD50 150 mg/kg
National Technical Information Service. Vol. AD691-490

oral-rat LD > 500 mg/kg
National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, Chemical-Biological Coordination Center, Review. Vol. 5, Pg. 7, 1953.

Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
Safety in Use Information:
cosmetic ingredient for skin conditioning
Recommendation for indole acetic acid usage levels up to:
 not for fragrance use.
Recommendation for indole acetic acid flavor usage levels up to:
 not for flavor use.
Safety References:
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reference(s):

Reasoned opinion on the review of the existing maximum residue levels (MRLs) for indolylacetic acid according to Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005
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EPA Substance Registry Services (TSCA):87-51-4
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Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary :802
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases:Data
WGK Germany:3
2-(1H-indol-3-yl)acetic acid
RTECS:NL3150000 for cas# 87-51-4
 2-(1H-indol-3-yl)acetic acid
NIST Chemistry WebBook:Search Inchi
Canada Domestic Sub. List:87-51-4
Pubchem (cid):802
Pubchem (sid):134971702
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KEGG (GenomeNet):C00954
HMDB (The Human Metabolome Database):HMDB00197
YMDB (Yeast Metabolome Database):YMDB00576
Export Tariff Code:2933.99.9700
VCF-Online:VCF Volatile Compounds in Food
Potential Blenders and core components note
None Found
Potential Uses:
 skin conditioning
Occurrence (nature, food, other):note
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(1H-indol-3-yl)-acetic acid
2-(1H-indol-3-yl)-acetic acid
(indol-3-yl)acetic acid
(1H-indol-3-yl)acetic acid
2-(1H-indol-3-yl)acetic acid
2-(indol-3-yl)ethanoic acid
1H-indol-3-ylacetic acid
2-indol-3-ylacetic acid
3-indole acetic acid
 indole-3-acetic acid
1H-indole-3-acetic acid
1H-indole-3-acetic acid (9CI)
 indoleacetic acid
3-indoleacetic acid
2-(3-indolyl)acetic acid
3-indolylacetic acid
3-indolylmethylcarboxylic acid
 rhizopon A


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Widely distributed in higher plants Indole-3-acetic acid, also known as IAA, is a heterocyclic compound that is a phytohormone called auxin. This colourless solid is probably the most important plant auxin. The molecule is derived from indole, containing a carboxymethyl group (acetic acid). (Wikipedia) Auxins are a class of plant growth substances and morphogens (often called phytohormone or plant hormone). Auxins have an essential role in coordination of many growth and behavioral processes in the plant's life cycle. IAA (indole-3-acetic acid) is the most abundant and the basic native auxin in plants. (Wikipedia)
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