dunaliella bardawil powder
powder obtained from the alga, dunaliella bardawil, dunaliellaceae
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Category: special dietary and nutritional additives
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GRN 276 Dunaliella bardawil alga View-notice PDF
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Physical Properties:
Food Chemicals Codex Listed: No
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Organoleptic Properties:
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Cosmetic Information:
CosIng: cosmetic data
Cosmetic Uses: antioxidants
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 None found
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Safety Information:
Hazards identification
Classification of the substance or mixture
GHS Classification in accordance with 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA HCS)
None found.
GHS Label elements, including precautionary statements
Hazard statement(s)
None found.
Precautionary statement(s)
None found.
Oral/Parenteral Toxicity:
Not determined
Dermal Toxicity:
Not determined
Inhalation Toxicity:
Not determined
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Safety in Use Information:
Category: special dietary and nutritional additives
Recommendation for dunaliella bardawil powder usage levels up to:
 not for fragrance use.
Recommendation for dunaliella bardawil powder flavor usage levels up to:
 not for flavor use.
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Safety References:
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Other Information:
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Potential Blenders and core components note
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Potential Uses:
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Occurrence (nature, food, other): note
 dunaliella bardawil
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 dunaliella bardawil alga
 powder obtained from the alga, dunaliella bardawil, dunaliellaceae
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PubMed: The salt-regulated element in the promoter of lycopene β-cyclase gene confers a salt regulatory pattern in carotenogenesis of Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: The salt-regulated element in the promoter of lycopene β-cyclase gene confers a salt regulatory pattern in carotenogenesis of Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Characterization and Functional Identification of a Gene Encoding Geranylgeranyl Diphosphate Synthase from Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Effect of dissolved inorganic carbon on β-carotene and fatty acid production in Dunaliella sp.
PubMed: An experimental treatment of ocular quinine toxicity with high-dose 9-cis Beta-carotene.
PubMed: Proteome analysis of cytoplasmatic and plastidic β-carotene lipid droplets in Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Protection of cone photoreceptor M-opsin degradation with 9-cis-β-carotene-rich alga Dunaliella bardawil in Rpe65(-/-) mouse retinal explant culture.
PubMed: Characterization and expression patterns of nitrate reductase from Dunaliella bardawil under osmotic stress and dilution shock.
PubMed: Hypoosmotic expression of Dunaliella bardawil ζ-carotene desaturase is attributed to a hypoosmolarity-responsive element different from other key carotenogenic genes.
PubMed: Origin of β-carotene-rich plastoglobuli in Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Effect of metabolic inhibitors on growth and carotenoid production in Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Treatment with 9-cis β-carotene-rich powder in patients with retinitis pigmentosa: a randomized crossover trial.
PubMed: 9-cis-rich β-carotene powder of the alga Dunaliella reduces the severity of chronic plaque psoriasis: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.
PubMed: Toxicity evaluation of two typical surfactants to Dunaliella bardawil, an environmentally tolerant alga.
PubMed: Expression of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase in Dunaliella bardawil leads to enhanced photosynthesis and increased glycerol production.
PubMed: Six regulatory elements lying in the promoter region imply the functional diversity of chloroplast GAPDH in Duanliella bardawil.
PubMed: In silico analysis of phytoene synthase and its promoter reveals hints for regulation mechanisms of carotenogenesis in Duanliella bardawil.
PubMed: Unusual occurrence of non carotenogenic strains of Dunaliella bardawil and Dunaliella parva in India.
PubMed: Photoperiod influences endogenous indoleamines in cultured green alga Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Effect of pH on growth and biochemical responses of Dunaliella bardawil and Chlorella ellipsoidea.
PubMed: beta-carotene production enhancement by UV-A radiation in Dunaliella bardawil cultivated in laboratory reactors.
PubMed: The selectivity of milking of Dunaliella salina.
PubMed: A 9-cis beta-carotene-enriched diet inhibits atherogenesis and fatty liver formation in LDL receptor knockout mice.
PubMed: A carotenoid algal preparation containing phytoene and phytofluene inhibited LDL oxidation in vitro.
PubMed: Cloning and expression study of a putative carotene biosynthesis related (cbr) gene from the halotolerant green alga Dunaliella salina.
PubMed: Comparative study of lipid composition of two halotolerant alga, Dunaliella bardawil and Dunaliella salina.
PubMed: Effect of the carotenoid-producing alga, Dunaliella bardawil, on CCl4-induced toxicity in rats.
PubMed: Screening for unicellular algae as possible bioassay organisms for monitoring marine water samples.
PubMed: 9-cis beta-carotene-rich powder of the alga Dunaliella bardawil increases plasma HDL-cholesterol in fibrate-treated patients.
PubMed: A subchronic toxicity study of dunaliella carotene in F344 rats.
PubMed: Production of phytoene by herbicide-treated microalgae Dunaliella bardawil in two-phase systems.
PubMed: Isolation and characterization of phytoene desaturase cDNA involved in the beta-carotene biosynthetic pathway in Dunaliella salina.
PubMed: UV-A mediated induction of carotenoid accumulation in Dunaliella bardawil with retention of cell viability.
PubMed: Availability and antiperoxidative effects of beta-carotene from Dunaliella bardawil in alcohol-drinking rats.
PubMed: Dietary Dunaliella bardawil, a beta-carotene-rich alga, protects against acetic acid-induced small bowel inflammation in rats.
PubMed: Effect of salinity on the quantity and quality of carotenoids accumulated by Dunaliella salina (strain CONC-007) and Dunaliella bardawil (strain ATCC 30861) Chlorophyta.
PubMed: Carotenoids as protective response against oxidative damage in Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Bioavailability of the isomer mixture of phytoene and phytofluene-rich alga Dunaliella bardawil in rat plasma and tissues.
PubMed: Selective separation of cis-trans geometrical isomers of beta-carotene via CO2 supercritical fluid extraction.
PubMed: Contrasting effects of UV-A and UV-B on photosynthesis and photoprotection of beta-carotene in two Dunaliella spp.
PubMed: New strategy for the cultivation of microalgae using microencapsulation.
PubMed: Dietary supplementation of a natural isomer mixture of beta-carotene inhibits oxidation of LDL derived from patients with diabetes mellitus.
PubMed: In vitro inhibition of the replication of haemorrhagic septicaemia virus (VHSV) and African swine fever virus (ASFV) by extracts from marine microalgae.
PubMed: Prevention of exercise-induced asthma by a natural isomer mixture of beta-carotene.
PubMed: Isolation of 9Z beta-carotene from Dunaliella bardawil and its stereoselective synthesis.
PubMed: Effect of natural beta-carotene supplementation in children exposed to radiation from the Chernobyl accident.
PubMed: All-trans beta-carotene is absorbed preferentially to 9-cis beta-carotene, but the latter accumulates in the tissues of domestic ferrets (Mustela putorius puro).
PubMed: Induced beta-carotene synthesis driven by triacylglycerol deposition in the unicellular alga dunaliella bardawil
PubMed: Beta-carotene isomers in human serum, breast milk and buccal mucosa cells after continuous oral doses of all-trans and 9-cis beta-carotene.
PubMed: In vivo antiperoxidative effect of 9-cis beta-carotene compared with that of the all-trans isomer.
PubMed: Natural beta-carotene and whole body irradiation in rats.
PubMed: A simple procedure for large-scale purification of 9-cis beta-carotene from Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Bioavailability of a natural isomer mixture compared with synthetic all-trans beta-carotene in human serum.
PubMed: Possible Role of Cbr, an Algal Early-Light-Induced Protein, in Nonphotochemical Quenching of Chlorophyll Fluorescence.
PubMed: Plasma Membrane Sterols Are Essential for Sensing Osmotic Changes in the Halotolerant Alga Dunaliella.
PubMed: Simultaneous dietary supplementation of sodium cholate and beta-carotene markedly enhances accumulation of beta-carotene in mice.
PubMed: Isolation and Characterization of a Protein Associated with Carotene Globules in the Alga Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Oligotrophic Bacteria Enhance Algal Growth under Iron-Deficient Conditions.
PubMed: 9-cis beta-carotene in human plasma and blood cells after ingestion of beta-carotene.
PubMed: A Salt-Induced 60-Kilodalton Plasma Membrane Protein Plays a Potential Role in the Extreme Halotolerance of the Alga Dunaliella.
PubMed: Changes in beta-carotene levels by long-term administration of natural beta-carotene derived from Dunaliella bardawil in humans.
PubMed: Antioxidant activity of 9-cis compared to all-trans beta-carotene in vitro.
PubMed: Beta-carotene and CNS oxygen toxicity in rats.
PubMed: Effect of beta-carotene on spontaneous and X-ray-induced chromosomal damage in bone marrow cells of mice.
PubMed: Bioavailability of beta-carotene in a carotenoid preparation derived from Dunaliella bardawil in human male adults.
PubMed: Cbr, an algal homolog of plant early light-induced proteins, is a putative zeaxanthin binding protein.
PubMed: Protective effect of Dunaliella bardawil on water-immersion-induced stress in rats.
PubMed: Effects of beta-carotene-rich algae Dunaliella bardawil on the dynamic changes of normal and neoplastic mammary cells and general metabolism in mice.
PubMed: Differential Reactivity of [beta]-Carotene Isomers from Dunaliella bardawil Toward Oxygen Radicals.
PubMed: Preferential inhibition of LDL oxidation by the all-trans isomer of beta-carotene in comparison with 9-cis beta-carotene.
PubMed: Regulation and light-harvesting complex II association of a Dunaliella protein homologous to early light-induced proteins in higher plants.
PubMed: A desiccation-related Elip-like gene from the resurrection plant Craterostigma plantagineum is regulated by light and ABA.
PubMed: Co-regulation of a gene homologous to early light-induced genes in higher plants and beta-carotene biosynthesis in the alga Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Suppression by beta-carotene-rich algae Dunaliella bardawil of the progression, but not the development, of spontaneous mammary tumours in SHN virgin mice.
PubMed: Dietary lipid level and the availability of beta-carotene of Dunaliella-bardawil in rats.
PubMed: Photoinduction of Massive beta-Carotene Accumulation by the Alga Dunaliella bardawil: Kinetics and Dependence on Gene Activation.
PubMed: Mode of Action of the Massively Accumulated beta-Carotene of Dunaliella bardawil in Protecting the Alga against Damage by Excess Irradiation.
PubMed: Bioavailability of a natural isomer mixture as compared with synthetic all-trans-beta-carotene in rats and chicks.
PubMed: The safety evaluation of Dunaliella bardawil as a potential food supplement.
PubMed: The beta-carotene-rich alga Dunaliella bardawil as a source of retinol in a rat diet.
PubMed: Stereoisomers of beta-Carotene and Phytoene in the Alga Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: Use of the beta-carotene rich alga Dunaliella bardawil as a source of retinol.
PubMed: Determination of intracellular osmotic volume and sodium concentration in dunaliella.
PubMed: Purification and Characterization of a Glycerol-Resistant CF(0)-CF(1) and CF(1)-ATPase from the Halotolerant Alga Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: On the Factors Which Determine Massive beta-Carotene Accumulation in the Halotolerant Alga Dunaliella bardawil.
PubMed: The diffusional water permeability in the halotolerant alga dunaliella as measured by nuclear magnetic resonance.
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